Reverie Planetarian

The heroine of this piece. A roughly 40-year-old robot who once worked as help staff at a planetarium located on the roof of a department store. She was left behind during the chaotic forced evacuation of the city, during the orbital bombardments that touched off the Great War. And now, other than the automated hunter-killer tanks and antipersonnel drones that rove the streets in search of prey, she is the only thing that continues its existence in the city.

Type: Popular Edition 5000-series general-purpose robot
Equipment: Custom-order head-equipped information band
Likes: Talking, customers
Dislikes: Being left alone

"Even if they have no particular business in our planetarium, I still think of all who come here as customers to be cherished."

The Junker

The hero and the narrator of this piece. Born during the opening stages of the Great War, he personally witnessed some of the conflicts that led to the close of the war, but it is unclear whether or not he was ever a soldier. In this world shattered by the Final Massacre and drowning in the Rain, he works as a Junker, an adventurer who explores the ruins of the old world and salvages usable things -- such as weapons, MRE's, and medical supplies -- from them.

Type: Male human
Equipment: Flechette gun, FN P90 PDW, waterproof cloak
Likes: Pre-War era liquor and cigarettes
Dislikes: Other Junkers, needless talk

"And so, the most irritating thing in the entire sealed city started showing off her functions to me with exhaustive courtesy."

insani 2004